Stoke My Fire | 7 Common Reasons Why People Reject God and Jesus as Savior
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Discussing people’s reasons why the reject God and Jesus as savior is a sensitive topic for a lot of people and as such, I want to proceed as respectively and non-adversarially as possible. Here is some wisdom from Ravi Zacharias on how to go about that.


“If the method is in violation of the message the people will see it very quickly.” Ravi Zacharias

There are many reasons why people say no to God’s grace and invitation to have a relationship with Him. No two people are exactly alike, and everyone is on a unique journey of discovery. All the while, God is continuously knocking on the door of your heart, and moving like the wind behind the scenes to direct people and circumstances to you, that will lead and draw you to him.

You are not here by accident.

However at this point of the conversation, someone usually throws at you some simple prayer you need to say or religious cliche, that makes you tune out and turn off because quite frankly, you heard it all before.

That is not our desire here. Jesus was able to look deep into the heart of the individual, see their past and their wounds, and take a deeply personal approach with each person who he encountered.

Your story and reasons are unique to you, and we can’t even imagine what you’ve been through and hardships you’ve faced.

However, just to get the conversation going,

Here are 7 common reasons why you might have decided to reject God and Jesus as Savior.

 1. You’ve Been Hurt and Have a Hard Time Letting Go

This hurt could come from people within their ordinary lives and you are angry at God for letting that happen. It could also be hurt experienced  within the church, both from leaders and members. Whatever the source of pain, this hurt now becomes the hedge between you and a real relationship and intimacy with God.

 2. You Like your Life and Some of the Sinful Things you Engage in.

We sometimes become so used to living in sin that it has become habitual and integral part of who we are.  We fear what our lives would look like if we turned from our sins toward a new life in God. God offers his Grace and forgiveness freely to those who accept Jesus. We are all sinners and of need of his Grace, and With Him in Us, The Process can begin, and your life will be unrecognizable and you will literally be a new Creation.

 3. You Don’t Think He’s Real.

In this modern world filled with scientific materialism and New Atheist’s like Richard Dawkins confidently denying the existence of God, it becomes easy to fall in line with the popular thought of the time. I encourage you to research this further for your self with an open mind.  BioLOGOS  and Acts 17 have both been invaluable sources for me reconciling science and belief in God.

This is also an interesting video to watch for those particularly interested in Science and how it relates to Theology.


4.You’re Afraid of What People Will Think.

Whether we like to admit or not, people’s opinions of us do matter, and we often make decisions based on what others will think. The problem with that is we begin to live our life so we can meet the expectations of others, and this is just not healthy. This is especially true for decisions of this magnitude. Stop to think for a moment, how much of your decision is motivated by fear of rejection and fear of what others might think ?

 5. You Think There’s More Than One Way To Heaven.

In our increasingly tolerant and morally relativistic world view, it is more popular to believe that all paths lead to God.  People often say that all religions are fundamentally the same, and only superficially different, often quoting some Elephant analogy where blindfolded men are describing different parts of the same elephant. The problem is when you really study these religions you find that it is actually the similarities that are superficial, and there are fundamental differences in the core of their beliefs. Truth by its very nature is exclusive. Jesus said He Was God in the Flesh, and That He Is The Way, The Truth, and The Life and That No Man Shall Come To God Except Through Him.  To say there are other ways to God, is to say the Bible and what Jesus said in it, is false.

“Either Jesus is a liar, a lunatic, or He is Lord.  No one else in history except Jesus, has fulfilled detailed prophecies, performed many miracles before eyewitnesses, and risen from the dead.  Jesus is unique”. Matt Slick


6. You don’t believe in The Bible

There are many objections people have with the bible. They say it has been changed many times, sometimes referring to a telephone analogy, and the current version we have is not close to the original message. People also claim that it has historical inaccuracies and contradictions that lead others to doubt of its authorship and that it was written by those inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Here’s an image to display just how many copies of the new testament we’ve discovered compared with other famous texts though out history. After examination, these copies were found to have 99.5 accuracy with each other, and there were only extremely minor differences found between the various manuscripts.



24,000 Existing Copies of the New Testament with Only Minor Variations (less than a %) between them.

This video shines light on a lot of other objections people have with the validity of the Bible, and why it is more than reasonable to accept this not just as a mere book, but as the inspired Word of God.


 7. You’ve Seen His followers Act Like hypocrites

If you are looking for perfect Christians, I can save you the suspense, you won’t find any. We are all imperfect and of need of help. We struggle with selfishness, self-righteousness, judgemental attitudes, and unloving behaviour. Many of those in the church have also not given their hearts and lives to God and submitted to His Will and the Leading of the indwelling Holy Spirit. We are Justified by our sincere faith in Jesus, and we are sanctified by the Holy Spirit through a process of regeneration that takes time. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Jesus knocks on the door of your heart, and if you answer he will chill with you, and you can begin over time to develop an intimate relationship with Him.



As I said when we begun, these examples are just to get the conversation going. These may or may not apply to you. The point is your here, the search is underway, and you are seeking for Truth in a world that is constantly selling us lies. Take this process step by step. Just like you would imagine courting a love interest, there is a natural steps in The Great Romance, and God is patiently waiting for the day you decide to let Him in, and to begin to have intimacy and relations with Him.


God is Love, and Love Never Fails. If you have more questions, or would like to speak with someone in person, I’m more than happy to make that happen, just fill in some basic details below.


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