Stoke My Fire | Artist of the Month – The Sheepdogs
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Artist of the Month – The Sheepdogs

The Sheepdogs


A friend of mine who runs a magazine out of Vancouver, The Lab Magazine, turned me on to these guys from Saskatoon a while ago. He just finished doing a photo shoot with them, and said not only were the down to earth guys, but their music definitely rocks. Growing up on a steady diet of classic rock, I was immediately drawn into their world of smooth grooves, sweet harmonies, and hard hitting dual lead guitar riffs. They seem to have soaked up all the right influences of the 70’s and seem poised to continue spreading the true spirit of rock to a new generation. After recently winning a contest for best unsigned band deserving of a Rolling Stone cover, The Sheepdog‘s future seems brighter than ever.

Check em out and let us know what you think.

“I Don’t Know ” The Sheepdogs

“Southern Dreaming” The Sheepdogs

“How Late, How Long ” The Sheepdogs


If you like what you hear, their albums are available at the The Sheepdogs website.

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