God Loves That Guy

Its hard to love the unlovable and its easy to write them off as monsters.  But are we called only to love those that love us. I think we are called to a greater love than that. A love that encompasses everyone no matter how hard it may be.

The serial killers, suicide bombers, and tyrannical dictators  bombard the screen, and I know my immediate reaction was disgust and contempt. Then the lyrics and the singer, Andy Gullahorn, challenges us to imagine a God who in spite of it all, still loves these individuals.

“I can love when it’s convenient. But it’s not always convenient. It’s not always the easy road. I want to look past the outside to the well-meaning heart. To the good they forgot that they had. Teach me to love, teach me to love. Teach me to love like that” Andy Gullahorn

With a couple well placed lyrical blows he had softened my heart. “To the good they forgot that they had ” was the finisher. I knew I had fallen short on that kind of love, and just as the singer proclaims, so do I, ” Teach me to love, Teach me to love like that “.

I love how music has the ability to pierce our armour and defences and get to the heart of what matters. Do I love that guy, not yet, but with I’m working on it.

Brandon Nadeau

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