Live a Life That Matters

This little note hit me like a shot to the solar plexus, and definitely got my attention. How much time to I spend worrying about the things, that in the end won’t even really matter.

How much of my waking attention is focused on me, my situation, and how I can improve  it ? How much of my time is consumed by trying to win or be right or on regrets when I was neither of those ?

How much time is spent on these unimportant things ? The answer for me is simple, too much.

I want to begin to live a life that matters. To build, not buy. To give, to teach, to act with compassion, courage, and integrity. To leave good lasting memories that live on in the ones I love.

As it says ” its not going to happen by accident, but by choice ” so today I will begin making new choices that are better aligned with the person I want to be.

How do you want to be remembered ?

Brandon Nadeau

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