Stoke My Fire | New Year’s Resolutions
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New Year’s Resolutions

2011 is winding down, and at the end of the year we often reflect on how well our year went, what went right,what went wrong, and what we could do better.

It’s important to learn from our mistakes but not to regret them. This year, my resolution is to actually follow through with my resolutions. If 2012 is truly as the Mayans say, the end of the world, I want to make it a year worthy of their prophecies. This year, I want to live life to its fullest, and then its a win-win situation  even if the Mayans are wrong.

Its always a good idea, to have a vision for how you want the next year to be, but the key is being flexible when the Universe sends you a few curveballs along the way.

Much Love to you all, stay stoked, stay inspired!

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