Stoke My Fire | Artist of the Month
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Here at Stoke we've decided to take the Artist of the Month in a slightly different direction. Instead of featuring musicians that've never heard of us or prolly never will, we'll be reaching out to the truly indie musicians and artists who we feel the...

Young The Giant is the first Artist of the Month for 2012, and I knew I had to start things off on the right foot. That's where these guys come in. Young the Giant formed in California in 2004 and have the kind of finessed indie rock that fans of Kings of Leon and Fleet Foxes should really enjoy. If your looking for the hidden meaning behind their name, you wont find any. When asked, they said its meant to be a little "left-field" and evoke curiosity.

I love how these guys mesh together and lay some nice harmonies on top of lead singer's Sameer Gadhia amazing voice. The song that gets me most stoked is their first single, My Body, which comes a little harder than their other stuff and the chorus is sure to inspire serious fist pumping.

Their next single, "Cough Syrup " hit # 3 on Billboards Alternative chart, and the moody cellos and driving guitar riffs help the track jump off. These guys recently released some acoustic "In the Open " sessions that really showcase their raw talent and amazing harmonies. Keep reading to listen.