Stoke My Fire | new artist
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"Well I walk upon the river like it's easier than land. Evil's in my pocket and your will is in my hand. Oh, your will is in my hand"

A friend of mine turned me on to the Tallest Man on Earth a little while back, and since then his been a constant companion on my mp3 player. I've been blown away by his raw, charismatic voice and lyrics that move the deepest parts of my soul. As a musician myself, I'm always on the hunt for new artists who stoke my fire, and he's done that in a big way. I find it hard not to feel inspired after listening to him, and I hope he can do the same for you.. " Love is All "  Tallest Man on Earth
"And I'll throw you in the current that I stand upon so still Love is all, from what I've heard, but my heart's learned to kill. Oh, mine has learned to kill"
[youtube width="500" height="388"][/youtube]   For more music from this inspired young man