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The Last Reformation : Disciples of Jesus United

A Few months ago, a friend of mine had shared a link for the Last Reformation Movie  based on some revelations and experiences of Torben Sondergaard , but like many other things in life, I got distracted and pulled in other directions.


Luckily God was persistent, and another friend invited me to a Kick Start seminar , which is based on this global movement of the Last Reformation. It is designed for igniting the Faith in Others to do the things Jesus has called us to do :

Make Disciples of All Nations, Heal The Sick, Cast out demons, and Preach the Gospel.

After some solid biblical teaching and instruction, we went out into the field, and began to put into practice what we have just learned. This was refreshing because there is a teaching and sermon emphasis in the church without the practical application of doing what Jesus told us to do.


In that one day I prayed for more people than I think I have in all my life as a Christian. I also saw people actually getting healed. Jesus and Holy Spirit were active in that park that day, bringing Glory to themselves through the healing of these people.




Someone’s ankle was healed and then could walk normally again. Someone else’s knee had been bothering them for quite some time. The man leading this, prayed that the pain would leave now, and that Healing would come All in Jesus’s Name. Amen!

This has sparked a renewed Fire for God in me, and it has sent in motion a chain of events that have been transformational. I have since been baptized by a friend in a river close to my house, because I realized I had only been baptized as a child. With a truly repentant heart, and a sincere turning towards God, I asked Jesus to Baptize me in the Water and The Spirit, Cleansing me of my sins, and Making me Born Again ( dying with Christ, and rising with Him Again).


It is a truly powerful experience both on a physical and spiritual level, and I feel people miss out on that if they are only baptized as a child. Again everything should be done by discerning what the Will of God is, and what the Spirit is Leading you to do. But if God is calling you to have this experience, you should yield to His leadings.


Watch the incredible things God ( Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is doing around the world, as they gather all those that are lost back to Him again. What a Time to Be Alive, and What a Mighty God We Serve!


Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime, led by the spirit, and empowered by God to do all things in His Name?

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