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Lesson 1 : Come Out of the Box

We all have different lenses on in which we view God.

We like to keep God in the particular box we feel most comfortable with.

The problem is, God can not be contained in a box, or any institution made by man.

We know that because God is Spirit those who worship Him, must do so in Spirit and in Truth. We also know that where the Spirit is, there is Freedom. 

God has set us free from Sin. But He has also given us Freedom to come out of our own boxes and pursue a sincere and satisfying personal relationship with Him.

We can learn from everybody’s box, and realize there is elements of Truth in those other boxes.

At the same time, we allow God to move in our lives out side of the boxes, as we return to the Faith, Obedience, and Spirit Led Walk With God the early Christians enjoyed in the Book of Acts.

This, in essence, IS the LAST Reformation.



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