Stoke My Fire | Top 10 Videos of The Week
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Top 10 Videos of The Week

Here’s this weeks top videos, enjoy!

10. Dope Zebra 

9. Bird joins Folk Band in an Old-Fashoined Song-Along

8. Ball Girl at Australian Open 2012 faces her fear of Giant Bugs

7. Amazing Audition- Never Judge a Book by its Cover

6. Lessons in Humanity for Captain Jean Luc

5. Marshall Soulful Jones performs “Touchscreen”

4. It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

3. Homeless Boy Steals the show on Korea’s Got Talent

2. Sometimes All We Need is a Hug 

1.Homeless Man with a Golden Voice gets a Second chance

These are the ones I found worth your attention, but if you’ve come across anything worth sharing, post it in the comments!

Stay Stoked, Stay Inspired !

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