Stoke My Fire | Top 10 Videos of the Week
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Top 10 Videos of the Week

10. Best. Phone. Manual. Ever.

9.  How not to light a firecracker

8. Jump Into the Driver Seat at 462 MPH !

7. Impossible Magic Trick, I don’t get it

6. NeverWet Hydrophobic spray-very cool!

5. The Next Big Thing in BackYard Pools

4.One Minute. One Man. One Epic Journey

3. Orbital Time Lapse


Walk Off the Earth has been on a roll since this video has gone viral, and its amazing to see the success of a band from Burlington, Canada. You never know what might happen if you get re tweeted by Russell Brand.

Any other videos you’ve come across in your digital travels, post them in the comments.

Stay Stoked, Stay Inspired!

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