Stoke My Fire | Top 10 Videos of the Week Travel Edition
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Top 10 Videos of the Week Travel Edition

As I sit here in Hong Kong International airport writing this post, a strange blend of excitement and jet lag from a 14 hour flight, flood my body.

As we wait out this 5 hour layover,  we are afforded some time to reflect on the adventures that lie in store in our new life in Bali. Like someone seeing the sunrise after an all-nighter, fatigue gets pushed aside to make room for the seemingly endless possibilities that the new day brings.

This weeks videos are designed to spur the inner adventurer in all of us, and to seek out new experiences where ever you may be.

10.An Epic Trip Around the World

9.Surf’s Up Indonesia

8.Hitchhiking Stop Motion

7.Welcome to CanyonLands Utah!

6.The Awesomeness of Earth

5.Into the Wild!

4.20 Vacation Ideas for the Life List

3.Traveler Quotes to Inspire

2.Surfing in Bali Padang Padang

1.Kerouac’s On The Road!

One doesn’t have to move half way cross the world, or quit their job and leave everything behind, but we can seek out novel experiences regardless of our circumstances.

Join a new class you find interesting, go listen to some new live music, or explore a new place you’ve never been. Go out there with an open mind and heart, and they Universe may have a few surprises for you up her sleeve.

Let’s push ourselves out of our comfort zones, and begin to have new experiences that truly let us feel how alive we really are.

Stay Stoked, Stay Inspired


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