Top 10 Videos of the Week

Here are this weeks Top 10 Videos of the Week, enjoy!

10. Surfing the Biggest Wave Ever!! 

9. A Chance for Bliss, 22 dogs live one house !

8. Pelicans and Flying Rays!

7. Vinny Jones Teaches CPR

6. London Starts 2012 off with a Bang, a 12 min Bang

5. Best Car Wash Ever!

4. Vending Machine Win

3. Creative use of Tape, Street Art by Max Zorn

2. Controlled Levitation on a Wipeout Track

1. Fire Truck drives through a Flood!

If you know of any amazing videos we should see, share them in the comments!

Stay Stoked, Stay Inspired !

Brandon Nadeau


    • This kids story gets me every time. Truly incredible! Can you even imagine getting shot by a shotgun and surviving. Remarkable display of the will to survive !

    • Slam Poet Preaching! It seems more and more people are incorporating eco-conscious choices into their daily lives. I hope we can reach a positive Tipping Point before its too late.

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